How To: Make Simple No-Bake Tuna Treats!

Delicious Easy No-Bake Cat Treats! How to Make Simple Homemade No-Bake Tuna Cat Treats!

Claire has her certificate in Feline Welfare and Nutrition, as well as a certificate in Basic Feline First Aid.
Her knowledge of feline nutrition helps her to share recipes that are not only enjoyable for your cat but Vet approved and nutritious.
REMEMBER: treats should be VERY OCCASIONAL especially if they include dairy or tuna; too many treats will affect your cats health and not provide them with the vitamins and supplements they need and get from regular cat food.
Making treats for your cat can be such a joy, not just for your cat, who gets a delicious goodie, but for you know that you’re giving them something made by hand and with love!
But it’s not always the case that you have time to fire up the oven, or your cat prefers unbaked treats, so Claire and rags are here with a super easy no-bake tuna treats for your cat!

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