How to Take the Purrrrfect Picture of Your Cat!

How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Cat!

Cats are beautiful. There is absolutely no denying it!
Whether they’re an exotic Sphynx, a proud British Short Hair, an elegant Siamese or your run-of-the-mill moggy; every cat in existence is the epitome of beauty!
And what is best to capture their astounding attractiveness? A photo of course!
Whether you are an amateur photographer, a happy snapper or just someone who loves their cat, it’s a good idea to know how to take the puuurfect picture of your Pussycat!
Claire and Rags are here to share the Do’s and Don’ts of taking pictures of your precious pet, from lighting and getting their attention, to knowing when to take a break; with a few bloopers thrown in!

Big thanks to Claire and Rags for this great tutorial, there’s plenty more Vlogs available here!

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