Frequently Asked Questions

Here at RelaxMyCat, we have been developing our music for the past 7 years by taking a very experimental approach. Throughout those years, we have gathered a lot of information on what musical arrangements, sounds and frequencies tend to work the best. Our development cycle has been a constant feedback loop and that has helped us craft our secret formula that we believe is likely to help your cat or kitten.

We have taken 7 years of research through our feedback loop and we believe that it is likely to help, but as with most things, we cannot guarantee success. To be a bit more specific, we ask our audience on a regular basis if our music helping and on average, normally 86% of people say yes, so as you can see, the chances of it helping are quite high.

We have hours of music and TV content designed for cats, all of that content is looped, so technically it can be streamed for an unlimited number of hours. We are constantly adding new music and TV for cats. We also have DIY and Advice vlogs for your human mummy or daddy!

The cat music has no time recommendation and can be used for as long as you feel it is helping your cat. The cat TV can be used while you are at work to help keep your cat entertained, we recommend no longer than 8 hours – as you should really be spending quality time with your cat!

We have had hundreds of thousands of comments and feedback from our users over the years, and we have had no negative feedback. In a worst-case scenario, your cat may choose to ignore it or may simply not be interested.

Both our cat music and cat tv have two very simple outcomes; it will either work or not work.

Provided you are a subscriber to the RelaxMyCat website, there are no adverts to interrupt your streaming – this applies to both the monthly and annual subscriptions.

This is no definitive answer to this.

Various factors such as the age of your cat, the equipment you own and the music you choose can all play a part in changing the way our music is meant to be heard. For the best all-around results, we recommend playing our cat music at a low to mid-range volume to start off with. However, if your cat has hearing problems or you are watching our cat TV (which typically has a quieter soundtrack), then you can use a slightly higher volume.

All of our cat music and cat TV is carefully designed to ensure that it will help as many different breeds as possible. We also make breed-specific cat music, which is designed to specifically cater to your cats breed and have a bigger impact on them. Our cat TV is not breed specific and is carefully filmed to appeal to as many cats as possible.

If you find that your cat does not show interest in a certain piece of cat music or cat TV, we suggest trying another non-breed-specific clip, which may prove to be more effective.

If you signed up through our website, your login details will work on all devices instantly. The login area varies depending on the device you are using. If you have any problems logging in on any of your devices, please get in touch with support.

Our content is broken up into different playlists, we have music to help with a range of different issues including separation anxiety. The playlists we have include: Music for Kittens, Music for Grooming, Music for Loud Noises & Fireworks, Music for Poorly Cats, Music for General Relaxation, and Music for Sleeping.