Why Cats Knock Things Over!

Why Cats Knock Things Over!

Predator Instincts - Cats are what is known as “Obligate” or “True” carnivores. This means that in the wild their entire diet consists of things they’ve hunted, killed and eaten themselves (on top pf a little scavenging too).

By knocking your pen around your desk, they are trying to determine if the pen is potential prey. Cats will also explore their environment with not just their nose but their paws as well. So even things that don't even remotely look like a mouse or bug might get a perfunctory nudge from your cat.

Boredom – Yeah, cats get bored. We all do, but boredom is something cat owners should definitely try to tackle as often as possible. Cats are a lot smarter than a lot of people give them credit for which means they might not be engaged enough as pets.

If cats become bored, they can develop or resort to “disruptive” behaviours such as shredding furniture and, yes, knocking things off shelves.

To combat boredom, make sure you take time to play with your kitty and spend time with them.

We have a wonderful range of Cat TV, interactive games and relaxing music for cats that aims to beat boredom and separation anxiety in kitties!

Attention Seeking - A cat only needs to knock something off a counter a few times for them to realize that when they knock something over, their owner comes running. If your cat wants attention from you, they may start to knock things off counters to get your attention.

In order to not reinforce this behaviour, try not to immediately run over when your cat knocks something over. Obviously, if your cat breaks a coffee mug or knocks over a package of food, make sure they don't hurt themselves, but fallen pens and keys can be picked up later.

Curiosity - Any time there is a change in your cat’s environment, they will want to explore these new changes. Did you just get a new candleholder? Your cat wants to know what that new object is all about and will explore it with their paws. Did you recently tidy up and rearrange items in your office? They’ll wants to check out these new changes to know what’s going on. Cats are very smart and curious animals, and any changes to their environment, no matter how subtle, they will pick up on and investigate.

Investigating various objects on your desk also becomes a game for them. What will happen to this pencil when I swat it? How about this business card? These objects become a form of mental stimulation for your kitty.

Please do bear in mind that everything in this post is strictly advisory and has been gathered from various reputable sources from the internet. We're not vets, and you should always seek professional advice if you ever have concerns.

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Aug 12 2022
by Claire