Keeping Your Cat Calm with Guests

Keeping Your Cat Calm with Guests

Create a comfortable haven – One of the best things you can do is create a safe space for your cat in a bedroom or spare room. Make sure this room has the essentials; litter box, toys, food, water, scratching post and somewhere cosy to rest. Keep the lights low and curtains closed to reduce noise from outside (if there is the danger of reveller or fireworks in the evening).

Confine your cat to their quiet place before guests arrive to avoid a last minute chase through the house. Keep the room’s door closed until everyone is in and settled. Then, if you wish, you can open the door a bit so they can come out if she chooses. Only do this is your cat definitely is ok with being bothered or wants to come out. Otherwise make sure the room is shut firm.

If they’re really stressed by company, use a pheromone spray, plug in a Feliway diffuser, or rub some Rescue Remedy on their ears. You can even play some of our relaxing music or Cat TV to help entertain and chill out your kitty.

Keep in mind that Christmas crackers and New Year’s poppers and horns can definitely add to your cat’s stress, so avoid these if your cat is especially anxious.

Try to stick to your cat’s normal routine as much as possible. Feed and play with them at the usual times and remember to clean out the litter box regularly.

For a Social Cat

Even if your cat is comfortable with company, you should still take some precautions to ensure they stay safe and happy.

When Guests Arrive - Keep your cat confined when your guests are arriving, and when they leave. Your cat may love weaving around everyone’s legs, but they could slip outside unnoticed when the door is open. Either way, your kitty should be microchipped or wear a collar with identification.

Watch Out for Over-Excitement - All the fun and stimulation may result in a swipe or a bite from your kitty. If your cat is getting too wild, give them some time out in another room until they calm down.

Especially warn children to not care, pick up or force attention on your kitty. You don’t want to risk a claw or bite!

If your cat is mingling with your company, offer guests a fishing pole toy so they can play with them without having to handle them. Even if your cat loves being picked up or jumping on laps, it should be on their own terms, not your guests’.

Too Much Food - Ask guests not to feed your cat, even if they beg, and to make sure they leave things like chocolate, candy, grapes, raisins, alcohol and fat scraps out of your kitties reach. This might not be easy if there are children present, so you’ll need to keep an eye on things and clear away any snacks or leftovers left lying around. During dinner, consider feeding your cat some special food in a quiet corner to avoid temptation.

Wrapping & Ribbons - Your cat is in the midst of things when you’re exchanging gifts with your guests, be sure they don’t chew on any discarded ribbons or cords. Try distracting your cat by offering them a box with catnip sprinkled inside it.

Give Your Cat a Choice - Even if your kitty is friendly, they may feel more comfortable observing the activity from the security of a tall perch or cat tree or leave the door ajar to their safe space/favourite room. Don’t force your kitty to interact with company if she is hesitant.

Dec 16 2022
by Claire