Facts about Sphynx Cats

Facts about Sphynx Cats

1. Sphynx Cats are Very Social

Sphynx cats don’t look like cats, and they resemble moles.

Some folks even assume that these cats are nervous, shy, timid, dull, and unattractive, but never judge a book by its cover. I mean, don’t judge a cat by its fur!

Sphynx might be hairless cats, but they are full of love and affection. Experienced breeders will tell you that Sphynx cats have a friendly nature.


2. Sphynx Hate Being Alone

They love their human owners and generally get along with dogs and other cats.

Sphynx enjoys cuddling and loves to play. If you are looking for a loving cat companion, Sphynxes is an excellent choice. However, if you have to leave your home for long periods, your cat may become depressed.

They love to interact with other friendly beings, whether humans or cats, dogs or other friendly pets.


3. They Don’t Like Cold

This cat breed can get cold quickly since they have no fur to protect them from cold; as humans, if you are cold without wearing clothes, know that the Sphynx cat will be cold.

They are brilliant and always look for warm places to keep warm, but as a good owner, make sure you provide enough places they can burrow to get warm. If it is not possible to leave the heat on while you are not at home, a good solution is to get a heated cat bed or something similar.


4. Sphynxes are Indoor Cats

They quickly get sunburns without fur, which is why they should stay away from the sun. Although they can go outside but should not live there.

It would be best if you protected them from painful sunburn by installing sunscreens or sunblock shades on your windows as an owner. Sphynx cats may want to sleep in the sun like any other feline, but it is not safe for them to do so.


5. They are Hypoallergenic

The fact is that no cat is hypoallergenic, but people with cat allergies are usually able to tolerate Sphynx. The irritation is usually caused by pet dander, and saliva spreads through the body when cleansing.

Cats that do not have hair produce both saliva and dander, but without fur to shed, the risks of allergenic contact with humans are smaller.


6. They Can Get a Sunburn

It doesn’t mean that you should start slathering sunscreen on your feline pal when it sits in the sunbeam. But keep in mind that due to its lack of a dense coat, their skin is more sensitive than other cats. So, they can get a sunburn.

And if you take them out on a blazing summer afternoon, they can easily get overheated. Even though they can go outside in mild weather, they should be kept as indoor cats.


7. Sphynx Cats Need Frequent Baths

Don’t assume sphynx cats are hygienic and clean due to their furless nature.

Unlike a typical cat with fur that acts as a magnet for pollen, dust particles, and other substances, Sphynx cat’s skin produces a lot of oil. Unlike oil secretions on the skin of normal cats that help keep their coat sleek. In the case of Sphynx cats, the oil forms a greasy film on their bodies.

Feline experts recommend that Sphynx owners bathe their cats at least once a week to keep them fresh, clean, and healthy.

8. Owning Sphynx Cat is Expensive

They need a lot of attention. Unlike regular cats, Sphynx cats are ravenous because of their high metabolism and desire for food.

They need a very high protein diet for optimal health. To keep them healthy and well-stuffed, you need to keep a bigger budget for high-quality cat food.

9. Sphynx Cats are Not Completely Bald

They might appear less like a cat and more like a mole at first glance. But, if you have one as a pet, you will discover that they are not completely bald. Sphynx cats are covered with a beautiful layer of downy fur. Even though they are not plush to touch, their coats look like suede.

Nov 18 2022
by Claire