Do Cats Like Kisses?

Do Cats Like Kisses?

How Cats Show Affection – Cats DO use body language to show affection, not the same as we do but in their own, little kitty cat way. The “Slow-Blink” is a big way cats say “I Love You” – they do it to other cats but also to us! This is the equivalent of a human kiss, but it's done from across the room rather than with actual physical contact.

Head-bumping AKA Bunting is another way cats show affection. Although it may knock your glasses off, give you a sore nose, or threaten to topple you off your feet depending on where on your body the bump is delivered, a feline head bump indicates love.

Cats rub on you to show love. They have scent glands in their cheeks and lips, so rubbing on you is their way of marking you as their own.

Do’s & Don’ts to Kissing Cats - Most cats will allow a peck on the head from their beloved humans. However, some don't like it, and you should respect that. If your cat moves away from your kisses, puts his ears back, or hisses or swats at you, don't use kisses to show him you love him.

Here are a few more things to know about kissing cats:

  • Avoid kissing cats on the lips. This can be too much of an invasion of space for many cats. Also, cats can carry bacteria and parasites that are spread to humans through contact with their saliva. This is especially true of kittens, cats that aren't up to date on vaccines and parasite checks, and cats with dental problems.
  • Don't kiss a cat you don't know well. Even if your own cat seems to love your kisses, other cats might not. A cat that doesn't know you might not tolerate such closeness from you, even though he might allow it from a human he knows well.
  • Teach your child to avoid kissing cats. It's a good idea to teach your child the above rules for kissing cats, and it's probably good to have him or her avoid cat-kissing altogether. Some cats may have less tolerance for children than they do for adults, and if the cat chooses to bite or scratch a child for kissing him, it's the child's face that will be the most likely target.

Others Ways to Show Your Cat Affection – Some cats really might not like kisses at all, and never will. We have to remember that cats don’t understand what kisses are like we do, same with cuddles and other forms of affection. The best way to show your kitty affection is to return or give them a Kitty Kiss.

Having a good grooming session with your kitty is also a great way to show affection; cats groom each other in their families and it’s a form of bonding. Doing that with your kitty is great way to bond and we all know how much cats enjoy a good groom!

Same goes for treats, playtime and cuddles if they’re a fan.

Jan 06 2023
by Claire